Friday, April 11, 2014

Briefly Bitcoin - 4/11/14: China, a bitcoin debit card & more

Your quick, select guide of bitcoin interest since the last time I posted this

China, it's not me, it's YOU (image: Irismightlikepink)
* Anyone else sick of China yet? I know I am. They're worse than that flake you tried to date in undergrad: Do you like us or not already?!? First bitcoin is banned, then it isn't. At this point, we really don't care - and wish the exchanges would stop (over)reacting to every little vacillation of the Chinese government. Your food and Wall is great, China, but we're just not that into you anymore.

* Please be real: A bitcoin-fueled debit card said to work with 90% of US ATMs? Just what we need to get the bitcoin millionaires to goose liquidity in the bitcoin economy.

Fiat: You now have my die
* An investor group wants to buy the tarnished Mt. Gox exchange for a symbolic 1 BTC. I'm not even sure "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

* Just a personal note here: With bitcoin hovering in the $400 price range, I'm all over this buying opportunity. If you believe in the long-term prospects of bitcoin, even just as a payment processing protocol, you should be, too (in my non-investment grade, unqualified opinion). We're just four months into 2014 and we've already seen tens of millions of investment dollars poured into bitcoin companies to make the cryptocurrency more accessible. As a wise man once said, "Now is not the time for fear..."

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