Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why It's Never Too Late to Buy Bitcoin

I get some version of this sentiment every single day I talk to someone not into cryptocurrency about buying into it: "I missed it. It's too late."


This post has been brewing in me for some time. All the looky-loos who are feeling a serious case of FOMO as bitcoin and cryptocurrency have dominated the imagination of the investment class see five-figure prices for a whole bitcoin and think it's just too late to make money in crypto. As a person who is making money every single day in modest amounts with cryptocurrency, I can assure you that it's never too late.


1. Bitcoin, and most of the best cryptocurrencies, are deflationary assets, meaning that they only appreciate over time, mostly due to the limited nature of their supply. 

Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency, was created as a reaction against the bailouts brought on in the aftermath of the Great Recession. This is why there will only be 21 million bitcoin ever, produced at a steady, predictable rate over time until 2140. Considering 16.7 million bitcoin have already been produced, the fight for the remaining 4.3M new bitcoin over the next century will be an expensive one. Considering an estimated 4M bitcoin have never moved and are assumed to be "lost" to early creators' deaths, every millionaire in the US couldn't own a whole bitcoin of the 12M or so in circulation if they wanted to. GET IN!

2. Bitcoin block rewards will keep "halving" over time. This means that the amount of bitcoin produced from the efforts of miners will see their bitcoin rewards cut in half, periodically and repeatedly, until 21 million is reached. This will make existing and future bitcoin that much more rare, that much more valuable. Crypto Nick explains the concept of halving nicely in this video. GET IN!

3. It's not a bubble.

For the first time in a while, consumers are leading the adoption of financial innovation instead of being led by the inherently untrustworthy, self-interested, tax-avoiding financial elite of Wall Street. In the recent past, investment banks, big commercial banks, and legislators/regulators would cook up all manner of schemes to continue to enrich themselves, largely at the expense of the middle-to-lower classes. When the weight of the financial class' exploitation of the lower classes becomes too much to bear, we get events like the Great Recession.

By having a revolution in investment coming from the ground up this time - somehow way ahead of institutional and traditional investors getting a chance to manipulate it - the rise of crypto-wealth feels far more sustainable than other investment trends of the past. GET IN!

4. The dollar has lost its value. Forget inflation, a concept that bitcoin laughs at as a de facto deflationary cryptocurrency. When economists and the landed gentry of the financial class poke at bitcoin, decrying that it has "no value," it exposes the myth of the inherent value of the US dollar itself. Besides centuries of advantage being first to market, relentless societal and institutional marketing, and the backing of the biggest army in the world to enforce it, the dollar doesn't have any value unless we give it value. And that value is falling.

That value is falling because of the instability of executive American leadership, worldwide distrust after the financial shenanigans and money printing done to get us out of the Recession, and the gaping need for a truly stateless world reserve currency. At best, the American president is unqualified for a job he ascertained under a cloud of suspicion and foreign interference. While many Americans lost their jobs and their homes, investment banks who gambled away their pensions were bailed out, and are even stronger than ever. The dollar has been off of the gold standard, which underpinned the value of the currency to ounces of gold, since 1976, yet still the world considers the dollar the world's reserve currency.

With all these factors going against it, it's a miracle the dollar is valued much at all. GET IN!

5. Bitcoin could be - should be - worth more than a million dollars per bitcoin in our lifetime. It is opined here that a $1M per bitcoin valuation is well within the global money supply. As it is truly a deflationary asset, HODLers like myself tend to buy and hold rather than spend it, adding to its scarcity of demand. Also consider that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are breaking all traditional molds of financial and FOREX investing. This article here explains how the $350 trillion markets for money, equities, and real estate will all be digitized by blockchain assets. GET IN!

6. It continues to outperform all asset classes combined. The reason why we invest is to build wealth and financial security, correct? As evidenced by the chart below from an earlier post, nothing has built wealth like an investment in bitcoin over the past seven years. GET IN!

At some point, it's not a bubble: It's just REALITY. Welcome to our new financial reality, where you have a once-in-a-generation chance to build generational wealth. For all the reasons above and more, for the immediate future, it's never too late to invest in cryptocurrency - and escape the financial world's Sunken Place.


  1. Been following your blog for sometime now. Good job

  2. Good article but delete the part about the president to avoid alienating half of the audience.