Sunday, February 16, 2014

Briefly Bitcoin - 2/16/14: Mt. Gox Knocked, House of Cards & more

Your select guide of bitcoin interest since the last time I posted this

* Finally, the general public does what I've been saying to do for months: Ignore Mt. Gox. After their PR meltdown last weekend in halting all withdrawals, it's time to ring the death knell for the one-time bitcoin exchange bellwether turned blight on the industry.
It's been real, Mt. Gox...

* More knocks on Gox: The Washington Post takes a swing at the much maligned bitcoin exchange, and why its demise is a good thing for bitcoin.

* New York is preparing to move forward with issuing "BitLicenses" for bitcoin-based businesses. The degree of regulation is yet to be seen, although this is a step toward legitimizing bitcoin in government's eyes.

* Very small but still significant as bitcoin gets (sigh - yet another unfavorable) mentioned in the second episode of the hottest show on "TV," Netflix's "House of Cards."

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