Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The $3,000,000 Ethereum Jackpot You Literally Just Slept On

Whew: That's a whole lotta ETH

Congrats to the winner of FOMO 3D Long Round 1: 10.5K ETH ($2.93M USD) 😬

Round 2 is already underway with 5.5K ETH ($1.5M) seeded from the previous jackpot, up to 6.4K ETH already as of this posting. 🚀🚀 

What does this all mean? It means that a crazy new Ethereum-based game that many largely wrote off as a Ponzi scheme actually paid out exactly like the smart contract promised it would.  

Seeing how it took an inordinate amount of patience, ETH, and luck, the game is more akin to a lottery - one in which you earn dividends on your shot to win big. And if you hold P3D - the evolutionary smart contract financial ecosystem that receives dividends from the game - you earned dividends there as well. Think about all the suckers who buy into lotteries around the world who don't even get divs...

Justo put it best in his embedded picture in this tweet: Just imagine withdrawing 10,469 Ethereum... (for only $0.15 in fees at that - take that, Big Centralized Banks!). 

For more on how to play P3D or FOMO 3D, check out my earlier article in Black Enterprise. `10


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