Thursday, January 11, 2018

Blacks in Bitcoin Podcast #7: Jamie Dimon Learns Why the Blockchain Always Wins 1-10-18

Jamie Dimon bends the knee to bitcoin (2:01), BitconnectX shuts out the US investor (4:40), the weekly Coin Count (14:48), Altcoin of the Week Tron (28:50), ICO DYK's look at Telegram (35:50), Ask a BTC Guy's Q&A bitcoin giveaway (40:35), and a movie review of THE COMMUTER (50:20). Visit the site at

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Week in Memes 1-8-18

Occasionally we come across some fun/ny memes and videos in our crypto travels. A sampling from the past several days:

These properties should be swapping real estate every week (click to enlarge)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Blacks in Bitcoin Podcast #6: Rise of Ripple, BitconnectX & RCN 1-4-18

Battling some technical difficulties (sorry about the video & audio quality, y'all!), Edwardo explores the dramatic rise of Ripple (3:05), ICO DYK's BitconnectX and its mysterious announcement (17:50), the weekly Coin Count (25:30), Altcoin of the Week Ripio (44:15), and the Oscar bait-y DARKEST HOUR (57:30). Visit the site at SUPPORT BiB! Signup with Coinbase: Join Bitconnect: Get altcoins at Binance: Track your coins at Altpocket: Tip some BTC: 14Nqds2QMwtp6Sox8H45tjuaDBzBc5Eawy EMAIL me your questions for a chance at free BTC at LINKS! Ripple’s rise: BitconnectX: Bitconnect Roadmap 2018: Ripio Credit Network: Bloom Timeline:

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Coin Lives Matter: HBD, Bitcoin!

On this date 9 years ago, the genesis block of Bitcoin and the blockchain was born. In it, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto attached a lil F.U. to the banking bailout culture with it. Happy birthday, Bitcoin!

Partially in its honor (and because I just found this neat little video), here is a CNBC (of all places) guy explaining the fairly steady rise of bitcoin through logarithmic charts. Charts, people - charts!

Happy birthday, Bitcoin. I don't care what these baby altcoins say. You're still #1 on CoinMarketCap, and #1 in our hearts.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

GUEST OPINION: Why Black Folk Should Like Bitcoin and Love Blockchain

By Norman Weekes

So it’s happening again. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are about to change the way we live and work. Since I know this it means any window of opportunity is probably shut. Although this time as the train leaves the station, we might be able to hop the caboose before it’s gone. We are in another time of transition and opportunity in tech. History is repeating itself and maybe this time we won’t screw it up. We stand at the crossroads of knowledge and innovation and it’s time to decide how to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s another chance to be producers and not consumers. We can program, not be programmed. A chance to have a seat at the table the next time a hostile entity decides to exploit technology to weaken our democracy or play the race card.