Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Blacks in Bitcoin Podcast #3: CoinMom, Ripple & Bloom 12-13-17

Edwardo welcomes his first ever guest, the CoinMom (1:30 - hi, Mom!) to discuss eBay circling bitcoin (5:25), our Coin Count (11:10), Altcoin of the Week Ripple (23:30), ICO DYK's Bloom (29:25), and the Ask A BTC Guy listener question giveaway (37:17).

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why It's Never Too Late to Buy Bitcoin

I get some version of this sentiment every single day I talk to someone not into cryptocurrency about buying into it: "I missed it. It's too late."


This post has been brewing in me for some time. All the looky-loos who are feeling a serious case of FOMO as bitcoin and cryptocurrency have dominated the imagination of the investment class see five-figure prices for a whole bitcoin and think it's just too late to make money in crypto. As a person who is making money every single day in modest amounts with cryptocurrency, I can assure you that it's never too late.

Black People & Cryptocurrency Facebook Group Livestream 12-12-17

Check out this live interview on the Black People & Cryptocurrency Facebook group, where we cover my early days in bitcoin and Reddit, CinemaDraft, and the future of the Blacks in Bitcoin podcast.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Bitcoin versus other asset classes

People are reconsidering a lot of their traditional investments these days due to the explosive, sustained growth of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Although I am not a financial advisor and do not give financial advice, I just thought I'd drop this little earnings chart here, courtesy of myPF.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

#2: Jamie Dimon Eats Crow, BitConnect & FLIP 12-7-17

Edwardo discusses Coinbase's GDAX trading platform (3:13); JP Morgan's flip-flop on bitcoin (6:19); the weekly Trevon James Honorary Coin Count (10:45); Altcoin of the Week BitConnect (26:48); this week's ICO Did You Know? FLIP (40:15); and Ask a BTC Guy weekly BTC Q&A giveaway (43:16). Visit the site at