Friday, December 1, 2017

Blacks in Bitcoin PODCAST: #1: Happy $10K Day! Er $11K Day! Oh. $9K Day! 11-30-17

On the inaugural Blacks In Bitcoin podcast, Edwardo reveals when he first fell in love with bitcoin (1:15), goes over some bitcoin news (4:20), does the weekly Coin Count (12:30), reviews the Altcoin of the Week - DASH (23:30) - and spotlights Virtue Poker in ICO Did You Know (26:33)? Visit the site at SUPPORT BIB! Signup with Coinbase: Join Bitconnect: Tip some BTC: 14Nqds2QMwtp6Sox8H45tjuaDBzBc5Eawy EMAIL me your questions at LINKS! Max Keiser on bitcoin: Bitcoin $20K by Christmas: Coinbase loses to the IRS: a. DASH: Virtue Poker:

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