Thursday, May 22, 2014


Today I restarted the Bitcoin Paranoid app on my Android (of course: Apple fears what it cannot control) phone. Why should this matter to you? Because IT'S HAPPENING!!

After all this time, it looks like The Bitcoin is about to start The Rally - and I don't want to miss a single, breathless, exciting moment of it. Remarkably resilient (and dormant) these last few months while we've seen the demise of Mt. Gox and several bitcoin community related scandals/disappointments, bitcoin looks ready to grow into its worldwide fascination.
But, but, bitcoin has already had its moment! Yes and no.

The first time, when the notoriety around bitcoin was largely tied to its highly volatile price, bitcoin was seen more for the spectacular short-term gains of this curious little cryptocurrency and less for the technology underneath it. Like a comet, it shot past our consciousness and out of relative view once it cooled off in the $430-$500, where it has remained for the past few months.
This funding round sponsored by Dr. Evil

But no longer. It. Is. HAPPENING.

What will make this rise different? How about $60 meeeellion dollars worth of bitcoin company investments, including funding rounds by Bitpay, Coinbase, and Circle?

And let's talk Circle for a second. With the unveiling of what their hush-hush enterprise is about - with no less than a free $10 worth of bitcoin in your invite-only account - Circle aims to make bitcoin dead simple for the masses. If there's been a barrier to entry for mass bitcoin adoption, it hasn't been awareness but its complexity. The more button clicks  it takes to secure your bitcoin or even acquire it, the more people are turned off. Companies like Circle aim to solve that issue before they've even started.

The infrastructure around bitcoin this time around is more suited for sustainability. We have exchanges coming or already online; huge retailers that accept bitcoin like; and even the threat/promise of huge e-tailer/financial juggernaut eBay/Paypal taking a long, hard stare at adopting bitcoin. It. Is. HAPPENING.

Obviously, I am not a financial adviser of any sort. However, I can read the writing on the bitwall: It's time to get back in there. Get your BTC while it is cheap now. Because buying bitcoin is buying a piece of the future - a future that everyone everywhere can own.

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