Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Briefly Bitcoin: 4/1/14 -

Your select guide of bitcoin interest since the last time I posted this

photo: Square.com

* Square now takes bitcoin. Yet another blow struck for small businesses everywhere!

* Ever wanted to support your favorite Twitter personality but didn't know how? There's a (Coinbase) app for that: Bitfluence. Feel free to send a "test payment" to your favorite blog/Twitter account...

* Coinbase announced the arrival of its app store. Although the offerings are a bit sparse at launch, current offerings include a handy trading app for the bitcoin paranoid and a Reddit BitTip one.

* Wanna get away? Thanks to our friends at BiTHouse, you can get an Inside Bitcoins conference pass for 10% OFF. Just use the code BITHOUSE and get those tix for NYC now.

Got anything cool and bitcoin-y to share? Leave it in the comments below or email me at blacksinbitcoin@gmail.com!

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